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About L.A. Williams Estate & Family Law in Charlotte, NC

L.A. Williams Family Law is a full-service law firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina, serving clients hailing from Mecklenburg, Cabarrus and surrounding counties. Our firm focuses on estate planning and family law, offering advice and representation for a variety of legal issues, including creation of legacy plans, divorce, separation agreements, child custody and support, alimony, property division, adult guardianship, and adoption.

Leigh Anne Williams


To empower families through selective or full-service legal representation without their spending their life savings and assets to do so.


gears of trust, support, and service

Attorney Leigh Anne Williams

Leigh Anne Williams is an estate and family law attorney in the Charlotte, NC area who, after gaining invaluable experience and mentorship in and out of the courtroom as a private family law associate, soon began envisioning an alternate reality for families facing legal crises. L.A. Williams Family Law is a small law firm founded on the concepts of self-empowerment and cost-efficiency. At no time should your family relationships suffer simply because you cannot afford competent legal services. Leigh Anne has personal and professional experience with separating families of all income ranges. She is committed to assisting you by providing the most affordable legal options available in the Greater Charlotte Area.

Dedicated to Keeping Legal Costs as Reasonable as Possible

L.A. Williams Law recognizes and appreciates your need to keep your legal costs as low as possible. It’s equally essential for you to understand your legal rights while ensuring they are protected throughout the process. To this end, we’re proud to offer you a free introductory consultation with our attorney to review your potential legal actions. We also provide a la carte and full-firm legal services to keep our fees reasonable. Unlike more traditional law firms, you’ll also find online scheduling options, so you know exactly when you will speak to an attorney (not a paralegal or receptionist). Our client portal also allows you to manage your trust account and view your invoices and work completed on your case in real-time. Please contact our firm with any legal questions or concerns you may have!

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