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We’re on a new adventure!  While we’ve always handled basic estate planning for our clients, we are excited to announce our new recent venture with the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys! An elite membership organization, the Academy supports attorneys across the country by providing them with the critical continuing legal education they need to properly counsel their clients on all of their estate planning needs. In turn, the Academy’s exclusive membership is dedicated to helping clients effectively plan their estates, while helping them retain control over their assets and their lives.

Committed to providing our clients with the highest quality estate planning services, L. A. Williams Law offers advice on wills, trusts, health care power of attorney, Medicaid and Medicare planning, tax planning and qualified retirement plan distribution, organ donations, limited power of attorney and federal, estate and gift tax returns. Our first priority is to meet our clients’ needs with the utmost of compassion and professionalism.  Check us out and contact us today for more information on the first step to becoming a life long client of L. A. Williams Law, PLLC!

Leigh Anne WilliamsI believe that by gaining an understanding of our clients’ lives, loves and their desire to leave a legacy, we learn together how to effectively plan for control, growth and preservation of assets, both personal and financial. Our clients’ ‘Lifeplan,’ will be an expression of love for their own life, as well as the individuals and institutions they care about most. My passion is to make sure that, as I work hard to build a life and legacy that I can pass to my children, those who strive every day to create better for their families, should be able to put strong protections in place so they can feel confident their families will reap the benefits of their hard work for the generations beyond.