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Why Not?  Since opening L. A. Williams Family Law, I am consistently told by colleagues that I should not offer free consultations: “It looks cheap.”  “If the potential client can’t pay for the consult, they can’t afford your service.”  “The client will take advantage of your time.”

Free is not common in the legal world.  My mentor’s firm and her mentor’s firm are two of the only family law firms in my geographic area that I know offer free, in-person consultations.  Mine makes the third, out of thousands of family law firms in our region.  Despite the criticisms and, albeit, well-intentioned warnings from our colleagues, we have created very healthy businesses helping those who are deterred, for whatever reason, from paying a lawyer hundreds of dollars for only a brief review of their legal issues.

Experience makes the difference.  I have given free consultations for over four years now and, while I do get the occasional consult who should really be seeking mental help instead of legal help, I have successfully guided hundreds of clients through the muck of family law.  That is, hundreds of clients with extremely varying incomes.  From clients like my own mother who never had anyone to support her or her family and has always struggled with finances, clients who were always supported by their spouse and are now left with no income to speak of, to clients who are living on their yacht while their ex lives in the house with the children.  I’ve helped million dollar commercial real estate investors and those scrounging change from their cars to by their child a fast food hamburger for dinner; financial advisors who rent luxury apartments and piss off their ex by buying all new furniture to a labor worker living in his pick up truck in a nearby parking lot because he can’t afford a rental home near his children.

You work hard for your family.  Perhaps I give free consultations because I can still feel the poverty and very scary realness of my childhood and must now make it a personal mission to treat every person who crosses my path with basic human dignity.  When you hire L. A. Williams Family Law, you become a part of our family.  The same small-town family where everyone helps each other out and not everyone needs to make three figures or own a home to be respected.

We work hard for you.  We are all in this together and our clients feel this throughout their representation.  From the initial, free consultation, our firm meets you where you are.  We do not ask you to play with the 1%.  We develop solutions that work for your budget and family’s needs, because you’ve worked hard for your family.  Our firm is our family, not born of luxury nor do we strive to compete with the luxurious law firms.  L. A. Williams Law is a real, small-town firm (“in a big town world!”) who actually take your case as our own.  Welcome to the family.   

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