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Choose the Level of Representation Right for You

When faced with a legal issue, the first emotion felt by many people is resentment that they need an attorney to figure out even the smallest steps forward. The second is usually anxiety about legal fees. However, you shouldn’t let your fears prevent you from protecting your legal rights. L.A. Williams Law is designed to encourage self-empowerment and cost-efficiency through our unbundled legal services and creatively priced packages, including a form library, tutorial videos, process seminars, and pro se services. When you choose our law firm, you choose the level of representation you need for your unique situation.

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Transparent Payment Options without Any Hidden Legal Fees

Our payment options at L.A. Williams Law are transparent without any hidden legal fees or tricks. You’ll work with an attorney to determine which option fits best. You may also change options at any time. When you choose our law firm, you also choose the level of representation you need for your unique situation:

  • Pro Se or Unbundled Services – advice as needed on a “pay as you go” basis and document drafting
  • Limited Representation – advice as needed and attorney representation for a specific legal matter
  • Full Representation – attorney “on call” for all of your legal needs, including negotiation, mediation, and litigation


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