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L.A. Williams: An Accomplished Charlotte Child Custody Lawyer

When parents separate, the decision of child custody can be the most complicated and hardest decision in the entire process. However, when parents are able to agree to a custody arrangement that accounts for the best interests of the child, such an agreement may be captured in a formal and enforceable agreement. In such instances, court involvement is rarely needed at all. Lawyers can help negotiate and write such agreements.

In contrast, when parents are unable to agree on an arrangement, emotions can run high and children are inevitably caught in the middle. In such cases, the court is needed to make the ultimate decision. The court weighs a variety of factors to determine the appropriate custody arrangement. A court-ordered arrangement can be as creative as the judge but takes the form of physical custody and/or legal custody.

In any scenario, you owe it to yourself to seek an accomplished child custody lawyer such as Charlotte’s L.A. Williams Family Law to help you come to the best terms for your family’s future. Please contact our law firm today to request a consultation.

Child daughter embracing father

Understanding the Difference Between Physical & Legal Custody

Are you confused about the terms “physical custody” and “legal custody”? Physical custody refers to the parent with whom the child physically lives. Legal custody gives a parent the right to make the major legal decisions on behalf of the child, including medical, educational, and religious choices. If court-ordered arrangements must be made regarding child custody, the court will weigh various factors to determine the best arrangements for the child.

Have Child Custody Concerns in Mecklenburg or Cabarrus County?

Do you have child custody concerns in Mecklenburg or Cabarrus County? Contact L.A. Williams Family Law to schedule your consultation with our compassionate child custody lawyer in Charlotte. We know the ins and outs of the complex child custody process in North Carolina and are here to ease some of your anxiety as you’re faced with many life-changing decisions during this time. We’re here for you!

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