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A Compassionate, Skilled Divorce Attorney in Charlotte, NC

Divorce is one of the most difficult life experiences many will ever face. No matter the length or assets involved, the end of a marriage is never easy on any of the people involved, especially the children. To make matters even worse, the legal process for obtaining a divorce is often confusing and frustrating. However, having a compassionate, skilled divorce attorney such as Charlotte’s L.A. Williams Family Law can make all the difference. Available to guide you through the muddy legal waters, our attorney takes pride in being a strong advocate to help you negotiate the best outcome for you and your family. Whether you’re filing an uncontested divorce, or you need someone to represent you when litigation becomes necessary, we would be happy to discuss your case. Please contact us today to schedule your consultation to see how we can help.

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How the Absolute Divorce Process Works in North Carolina

There are many misconceptions out there that divorce always requires litigation and high-cost legal representation. The reality is many divorce proceedings can be handled amicably and with minimal court interference. The typical North Carolina divorce is called an absolute divorce, and the process can range significantly from simple to complicated, depending on the marital assets and children involved. There are two basic requirements for absolute divorce in North Carolina:

  • At least one party has been a North Carolina resident for the past six months and
  • Both parties have lived separately for at least one year with the intent to dissolve the marriage

Absolute Divorce Process

If you meet the above criteria, either party may file for an absolute divorce in our state. However, even filing for an uncontested divorce can be a convoluted process involving a mountain of paperwork that must be filed accordingly or you risk waiving your rights to potential claims for property or support. When money, property and/or children are added to the process, it’s highly recommended that you seek an experienced divorce attorney’s assistance. There are many considerations of which each spouse will need to be made aware. If one of you desires a legal name change, that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Put the Past Behind You and Look Forward to the Future

You have several avenues you can pursue to bring your relationship to an amicable close, and you have the right to seek professional legal advice. When you need a divorce attorney in Mecklenburg, Cabarrus or surrounding counties, look no further than L.A. Williams Family Law. We’re here for you!

Would you and your spouse like to meet together with the attorney? If you and your spouse wish to work together through this process, we are happy to offer free informational sessions where you and your spouse can meet with the attorney together to learn about the general legal options available. Please note, however, the attorney is not able to provide legal advice during this meeting. If either of you chooses to hire the attorney for representation in your matter, you will need to schedule a second, separate meeting with the attorney to receive legal advice. The attorney will offer referrals for the non-represented spouse.

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